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shu uemura - about us  Yubi blonde hair care for blonde hair

art of hair: our philosophy

the founder of our company, mr. shu uemura, believed that
“hairdressing is never complete without beautiful makeup and beautiful
makeup is never complete without beautiful skin.” this concept
of holistic beauty defines shu uemura art of hair. thanks to a blend
of unique formulas and ingredients, we create essential hair care
and styling products that focus on holistic beauty and are perfectly
customized to meet the needs of all our clients.

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shu uemura - about us

shu uemura - about us

more than
haircare and
styling products

shu uemura art of hair offers a wholesome approach.

an aesthetic: beautiful packs that become covetable objects of design. a perfume: sophisticated fragrances that resonate with one’s memories and transcend time. a touch: soft, lightweight and delicate hair that redefines comfort.

4 brand fundamentals

rare and precious

shu uemura - about us

we seek the rarest flowers and most precious oils from all over the world to restore the health of hair and magnify its beauty.

shu pro

shu uemura - about us

our talented hair stylists make up our professional global community - from tokyo to vancouver. whether in fashion shows or everyday salons, they inspire women with their artistic expertise.

edgy chic

shu uemura - about us

in collaboration with renowned artists and young talents, we enrich our creativity with our community’s inspiring interpretations of beauty. through such collaboration, our shu uemura community is endlessly enriched with new ideas and innovations.

tokyo flair

shu uemura - about us

shu uemura art of hair takes inspiration from tokyo and japanese culture. as our city of origin, tokyo defines our assertive style, our sense of ritual and our precise attention to detail.

shu uemura - about us shu uemura  Yubi blonde hair care for blonde hair

art of hair philosophy

“give the hair just what it needs
and only what it needs"

- mr. shu uemura

be the artist
of your own beauty

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