international artistic director


"a new era of shu uemura make-up artists"

superlative technique brings out stunning beauty through the brilliant hands and vision of the shu uemura atelier team and the make-up artists associates.

eminent make-up artist kakuyasu uchiide has been appointed international artistic director of shu uemura, while yuji asano takes over uchiide’s previous position of international chief make-up artist. both artists were trained directly under mr. shu uemura and are perfectly positioned to pass on the brand’s "dna." through their work in atelier - a creation team made by mr. shu uemura - kakuyasu uchiide and yuji asano will continue to communicate shu uemura’s holistic make-up philosophy through their deep understanding of the founder’s pioneering techniques and approach.

at the same time, in keeping with mr. shu uemura’s belief that tradition is a succession of innovations, they will continue to enhance the brand through their drive and innovation communicated through their visual achievements, input into products, and backstage work. also their valuable roles in the atelier will lead the direction of shu uemura make-up artists.