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the many reasons why everyone is raving about hair oils

hair artists and celebrities sing the praises of hair oils like our essence absolue collection. why? because they know the benefits they have to offer: hydration, shine and control, to name a few. no matter the hair type - coloured, damaged, oily or dry – nothing can stop oils from working their magic. this universal treatment meets all styling needs by effectively protecting the hair from the harmful effects of heat.

by regenerating the lipid layer on the surface of the hair, oil-based shampoos give it a smooth and shiny appearance, while conditioners revive dry hair by providing the nutrition it needs. plus, all the magic of hair oils comes through when used as a styling product, whether to tame frizz or to achieve a half top knot.

To achieve optimal levels of hydration and shine in hair, hair oils are offered in various types and feature an array of ingredients. These days, one of the most popular ingredients is camellia oil. Found in the Japanese region of Toshima, the camellia flower is one of our precious ingredients, which produces a nourishing oil that has been used for centuries; it is made from seeds that are picked by hand and transformed into a moisturizing and shine-boosting hair product.

formulated with camellia oil, our highly versatile essence absolue nourishing protective hair oil is an all-time favourite.

On wet or dry hair, it can be used to:
  • MAKE STYLING EASIER: pour 1 pump of product into the palms of your hands (you only need a small amount to work wonders), then apply from mid-lengths to ends.
  • PRE-SHAMPOO: pour 3-4 pumps of product and distribute through dry hair, using a comb, before shampooing.
  • USE AS CONDITIONING TREATMENT: apply 1 pump of product to each of 4 sections of hair, from mid-lengths to ends, then massage into scalp.

for an overnight treatment

try essence absolue overnight hair serum

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