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5 excellent reasons to adopt hair
oils for good

versatile, hair oils are suitable for all hair types and provide them with plenty of benefits. a true all-purpose product, hair oil offers shine, nutrition, softness and protection to your hair, regardless of its unique nature. using our guide below, find out at a glance which oils are appropriate for you.

curly hair

curly hair is known for its dry texture and tendency to frizz easily, so hair oils are just the thing. to help define your curls, eliminate frizz and enjoy smooth, shiny hair, just apply a small amount of essence absolue nourishing protective oil. just like our cleansing oil shampoo and conditioner, the oils also cleanse and condition curly hair while preventing frizz and providing maximum shine.

fine hair

fine hair needs healthy nutrition, even though you might worry about using heavy oils. we recommend using a lightweight hair oil such as essence absolue nourishing all-in-oil hair milk avoiding the root and scalp area, apply a very small amount of oil, then brush through for even, residue-free distribution. for clean, soft and shiny hair, a lightweight shampoo such as our gentle cleansing oil shampoo is ideal, effectively removing impurities and residue and providing an airy touch.

dry hair

for those with dry hair, hair oils are ideal allies for maintaining a balanced and well-hydrated scalp. to deeply cleanse, soothe and regenerate an itchy scalp, our cleansing oil shampoo is incomparable. it is enriched with a precious ingredient, neroli essential oil, which is known to maintain the right amount of hydration and oils in the skin and hair, in addition to providing softness and suppleness.

heat styled hair

the heating tools you use, such as blow dryers and flat irons, can end up drying out and damaging your hair. we therefore recommend using a hair oil like essence absolue all-in-oil hair milk to protect your hair before styling. and to add shine and hydration to your style, opt for our essence absolue nourishing protective hair oil as a finishing touch.

second-day hair

an amazing feature of hair oil is its ability to bring dull or dirty hair back to life, allowing you to easily touch up your hairstyle with more hydration and suppleness. because dry shampoo and other cleansing products can dry out your hair, we recommend hair oil for a perfect dose of nutrition to lengths and ends. to revive your hair in the blink of an eye, try essence absolue universal balm with precious camellia oil. it nourishes, softens, detangles, cares for and adds shine to dry hair without weighing it down.
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