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cultivated for over two thousand years in japan, ashitaba is an ancestral plant with extraordinary self-regenerating properties. when sliced, an ashitaba stem seeps a precious golden sap - and only one day later a new leaf appears.

according to japanese tradition, ashitaba was praised by samurais and is said to improve the health of those who consume it and to extend their lives by several years.

this precious ingredient is consciously sourced on the island of hachijyo-jima, known as the ashitaba plant’s place of origin.

meet the range

step 1

start with a luxury scalp double cleanse.

start with ashita supreme intense revitalization scrub. apply to the scalp, working from front to back, and emulsify. use the scalp revitalization brush to stimulate and relieve tension. rinse to remove all impurities.

step 2

then, use ashita supreme intense revitalization shampoo. emulsify by massaging the scalp and hair. rinse.

step 5

after blowdrying, use one to two pumps of ashita supreme intense revitalization serum on lengths and tips to maintain soft and smooth hair.

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