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embrace the japanese heritage of shu uemura art of hair and its exquisite art of simplicity. a universe based on our japanese heritage and our tradition of craftsmanship featuring the best innovation and a new look.
elevated professional looks are delivered through the most
luxurious textures in the purest forms

paying homage to our japanese heritage, we have drawn our inspiration from the art of wabi - finding our source of creativity and beauty in the natural elements surrounding us - to rename each new styling product of the range.

the art of wabi

created for blending and layering in japan,

there is a unique artistic technique for painting called haigo, which consists of blending and layering pigments. this technique is the inspiration behind each of our styling products, which we crafted for hair artists to blend, layer and customize, allowing them to unleash their professional styling creativity.

discover the range

discover the range

infinite creativity, endless hairstyles

here is the most luxurious toolbox that allows you to push the limits of your art by creating an unlimited number of styles. transform hair into a perfectly unique masterpiece thanks to the products of this range which are all intermixable.

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volume & body

volume & body

smooth & sleek

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