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show your true colours
with color lustre

color lustre range for colour-treated hair prevents colour
from fading while protecting the hair fiber. hair is radiant
with glazed shine and a polished touch.

infused with musk
rose tree oil

this oil is originated in asia in the 16th century. extracted from the seeds of the musk rose tree, the oil is rich in fatty acids that deeply nourish the hair fiber and protect the hair from colouring.

revive and protect
with the color lustre range

meet the range

step 4

dry shampoos can be a life saver thanks to their convenience. just like the finest fabrics require the softest cleansing to preserve colour and finesse, hair requires superior care to maintain pristine condition. this 2-in-1 dry shampoo delicately cleanses by absorbing oils and impurities at the roots while hydrating the lengths of your hair.

Some pro tips to prolong
your beautiful colour

sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners help maintain the natural oils on your scalp, leaving your hair feeling more moisturized, preserving shine, and keeping your hair colour fresher, longer. whether you’re a vibrant red head or a bold brunette, our sulfate-free color lustre shampoo and conditioner prevent your hair colour from fading, protect the hair fiber, and balance the scalp's natural oils

hot water strips away colour faster by opening the surface of the hair cuticle and allowing colour to escape. shower using cooler temperature stop rolong your hair colour and shine

over-cleansing your hair results in the natural oils on your scalp being stripped away. this leads to a loss in moisture, resulting in less shine and hair colour that fades quicker. to protect your hair colour from fading, try skipping a few days in between washes.

incorporate color lustre
to your routine for a radiant
and long-lasting colour

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