discover depsea water


depsea water is incorporated into shu uemura skincare and makeup products for additional moisturizing effects, and featured in the internationally adored depsea water facial mist sprays.
deep seawater
originating in the polar regions of the globe, cold, dense, glacial water gradually sinks deep into underwater currents circulating near the ocean floor. over a period of 2,000 years, far removed from sunlight and secluded from bacteria or pollutants, this deep seawater remains pure and rich in minerals.

muroto cape
located around a hill coated with a green herbal veil, the muroto cape is wrapped by the warm air of a subtropical climate. it is located at the south eastern tip of kochi prefecture in shikoku island, one of japan's main islands.

pumping & filtering process
deep seawater is filtered to be available for cosmetic formulation through the following manufacturing steps. deep seawater is first pumped up from the deep sea using a vacuum metal pot. it is then filtered through a reverse osmosis membrane process with a filter that utilizes differences of salt concentrations in two compartments to pass water which is then desalinated to obtain pure water suitable for use in cosmetic products.