beautiful skin

"beautiful make-up starts with beautiful skin."

shu uemura uses cutting-edge technology and the intelligence of nature to give skin the nourishment it needs. with over 40 years of experience, shu uemura laboratories carefully develop formulas that adhere to the highest standards of efficiency and respect for the skin. equally, shu uemura’s respect for women’s safety means all skincare products are tested under dermatological control and for allergies.

the skin can perform many functions, but one thing it cannot do is cleanse itself. relying on the intelligence of nature to provide essential elements in skincare products, shu uemura is in constant pursuit to integrate the untapped powers of our natural resources into cosmetics.

the depsea moisture series is the first shu uemura skincare line using depsea water elements to create a long lasting moisture environment to replenish and protect the skin from dehydration and stressful external elements. refined and fortified with extracts of blue algae, brown and red seaweed, the series is rich in group b vitamins, moisturizing micro-polysaccharides and essential amino acids to promote the skin’s hydrating ability.

inspired by the holistic properties of traditional asian medicine and the legend of an ailing 5th century japanese emperor, shu uemura has pioneered skincare research to achieve powerful anti-aging properties with phyto-ingredients. black tea ferment, as long thought to be in the mythic black tea elixir of longevity used to cure the emperor, is used to create the phyto-black lift skincare range.